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  • Annemarie Berukoff

    Annemarie Berukoff

    Retired teacher — wisdom of Timely Tools for Changes: self-franchise internet marketing, social media attacks, ecology https://helpfulmindstreamforchanges.com

  • Martyn Ruks

    Martyn Ruks

    Founder of chronyko, an immersive learning and development business — https://chronyko.com

  • Faron Sage

    Faron Sage

    Socially-conscious writer & musician exploring pressing issues at the heart of 21st century life. Check out https://faronsage.org - music for a better world!

  • Holly Allen

    Holly Allen

  • Bhim B. Biswa

    Bhim B. Biswa

    I am PhD Student on behavioural genetics at National Institute of Genetics, Japan

  • Y. Chwyldro

    Y. Chwyldro

    Politically Left, parent, Welsh. Writes about any combination of the three, and occasionally other subjects entirely. leftwingdad.com

  • Mah Jabeen Bhutta

    Mah Jabeen Bhutta

  • Tanya Dapkey

    Tanya Dapkey

    Nerd, Mother, Entomologist, Partly Cloudy Gonzo Patriot

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